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CNG Fueling Solutions for Fleets & CNG Station Builders

Fuel Ranger Pro
A highly performing and dependable private station providing an optimal cost of operation and the highest uptime in the market in this category.

Fuel Ranger Pro


For the business needing a private, dependable and safe compressed natural gas station requiring little to no attention. Simple and fast to install and easy to operate while highly efficient with the power consumption and the maintenance cost. The FUEL RANGER PRO will satisfy the most demanding budgets by dominating both: The acquisition and the operation cost.


  • Explosion proof electronics
  • Fast fill / Time-fill
  • Skid mounted packages
  • Dual compressor sets
  • Weather and/or sound enclosures
  • Remote monitoring
  • Multiple options available 
  • Ultra short leads times - Stock available now!


  • Long interval between maintenance stops
  • Low compression temperatures
  • Ambient temperature up to 120°F (50° Celsius)
  • Cooling at each stage
  • Condensate separation at each stage
  • Direct drive—low maintenance and cost
  • Completely tested including 3.1 inspection certificate
















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