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CNG Fueling Solutions for Fleets & CNG Station Builders

CONQUEROR Daughter Stations
The innovative solution harnesses the latest technologies to facilitate the CNG infrastructure deployment in locations where gas pipelines are not available.

CONQUEROR Daughter Stations


The CONQUEROR family features a number of key advantages including: Modular design ready for expansion with slave/master configurations, integrated programmable priority panel. The CONQUEROR units are paired with the state of the art TRIUMPH dispensers allowing for a superior user experience.

The market is demanding solutions enabling quick deployment of safe and reliable infrastructure and allowing investors to target geographical areas out of reach for the typical pipeline-dependent solutions. 

• Compact
• Plug n Go
• Modular for easy expansion
• Feeds from gas-modules, storage and compressor
• Optimal configuration producing high pressure at low energy demand
• ESD present at each module
• Remote monitoring and control
• Dispensers with card capability*
• Upgradable to dual compressor with he Master kit
• Low maintenance – 16,000 hr interval between overhaul

• Gas engine drive
• Double filter kit
• Credit cards and fleet management cards
• Communications package & remote monitoring/control

CNG Source, Inc.
Contact: info@cngsource.com
7015 Brookville Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46239

Phone: 1-317-353-8241

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