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CNG Fueling Solutions for Fleets & CNG Station Builders

CNG Dispensers
Fill the Success!

CNG Dispensers

CNG Source’s dispensers are built to ANSI standards with components that surpass required pressure ratings for a safe, reliable, and long-lasting dispenser. Every dispenser is fully tested and inspected at our test facility before shipment. We offer integration into all popular POS systems, and can assist with system changes as well. To accommodate a growing industry, our unique design also allows for bolt-on upgrades. Take advantage of the high quality only CNG Source dispensers can offer. Please note: We are in the process of UL and weights and measures certifications. 


CNG Dispensers

World Class Quality & Safety

  • Compliant with ANSI IAS NGV 4.1-1999 ; CSA 12-M99 
  • NTEP Certified 
  • UL certified

Built with extra safety features for quick, safe, reliable CNG Fueling. 

  • Transit nozzle available 
  • OPW Preferred Vendor Other nozzles available upon request 
  • Tubing from 3/8 to 1” 
  • Bolt-on upgrades like sequencing 
  • Easy configuration from plug in controller 
  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics 
  • Max pressure 5000 PSI 
  • Flow from 10 GGE/min – 30 GGE/min  
  • Single hose double hose
  • NGV1 and NGV2 connectors

Compatible Card Readers 

  • COMDATA Smart Sight (Electronic over Ethernet) 
  • Fuel Master FMU 2500+ (Mechanical) 
  • OPW Petrovend (Mechanical) 

Easy to integrate into existing POS systems with built-in COMDATA Smart Sight. 


Download the dispensers Brochure

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CNG Source, Inc.
Contact: info@cngsource.com
7015 Brookville Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46239

Phone: 1-317-353-8241

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